LCCA launches new website
LCCA launches new website
LCCA, Law Firm, has just launched its new website, a completely renovated platform designed to ease communication with the client. Access all the information you need about the Law Firm, its team and areas of expertise.
Notary Acts and Registrations
Notary Acts and Registrations
LCCA is specifically qualified to practice notary and registration acts. This way it may deal with the purchase and sale, sharing, exchange, division of common property and mortgage, among other acts of transfer and encumbrance of real estate, through the granting of Authenticated Private Documents (DPA).
English version of LCCA website
English version of LCCA website
LCCA has just launched an English version of its new website, designed to facilitate communication with foreign clients who do not speak Portuguese.

Who we are

LCCA - Law Firm, SPRL

With a large and modern office in the center of Ponta Delgada, its scope of action extends to the entire Region of the Azores and the Portuguese Mainland, providing differentiated and targeted services for each type of client at the level of legal advice, legal representation, authentication and drafting of contracts and registration (DPA), in the most diverse areas and branches of law.

LCCA is a law firm formed by a dynamic team, prepared and motivated to respond to the needs of its clients, assuming itself as a strategic partner in the development and defense of their interests.

LCCA, Law Firm, offers to individuals, companies, public entities, as well as associations and institutions in general, a close legal representation, based on values of accuracy and trust, as well as the technical consistency and professional accuracy of its team. .

On this new LCCA website you will find all the useful and relevant information about our services and team. Welcome to LCCA, Law Firm.

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LCCA offers advocacy of proximity, accuracy and trust in legal counseling, judicial sponsorship and authentication and drafting of contracts and records (DPA).