Notary Acts and Registrations

LCCA is specifically qualified to practice notary and registration acts, with the objective to fully meet the needs of its clients, namely:

- GENERAL NOTARY ACTS, covering the recognition of simple signatures with special mentions, face to face and similarity, face to face letter and signature recognition, as well as certification of copies and documents and certification of translations.


• Preparation of Authenticated Private Documents for the transfer and encumbrance of real estate (purchase and sale, sharing, exchange, division of common property, mortgage, among others).

• Power of attorney and consent instruments.

• Guaranteed loans.

• In Commercial Companies: incorporation, transformation, merger, demerger and dissolution of any type of commercial company, as well as all acts inherent to the corporate life and the exercise of its corporate purpose, division and transfer of shares and any type of changes of contract, follow-up at meetings of the General Meeting or Board of Directors.

• In Associations: constitution, amendment of the statutes, as well as all acts and contracts necessary for the exercise of the activity of these legal entities.

• Instruction and follow-up at the Notary's Offices of all acts of exclusive notary competence (wills, justifications, qualifications of heirs, among others)

- REGISTRATIONS: The LCCA makes on your behalf, in a convenient and fast manner, requests for registration, property, commercial and automobile, information and certificates you need and practices, with the competent Finance Services, all the acts related to the patrimony, inscriptions, complaints, registration processes, among others, also proceeding to the Central Register of Effective Beneficiary and its amendments.

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