Consultas e actos presenciais a partir de 22 de maio
Consultas e actos presenciais a partir de 22 de maio
A LCCA - Sociedade de Advogados, SPRL, retomará as consultas presenciais, bem como todos os seus serviços ao público, incluindo a realização de actos inerentes à prática notarial, no próximo dia 22 de maio, sexta-feira. Para marcações e mais informações, poderão contactar-nos através do telefone 296 201830, do email, do sítio ou, ainda, através da nossa página do Facebook.

The Society

LCCA - Law Firm, SPRL

LCCA - Sociedade de Advogados, RL, came from the professional collaboration maintained, since 1999, between lawyers Manuel Pereira Leite and Pedro do Nascimento Cabral, who which, in 2002, was joined by the lawyer Ricardo do Nascimento Cabral.

Taking into account the permanent need to present the best legal solutions to solve the problems that are posed by the various clients, always based on criteria of seriousness, accuracy and high quality, is founded, in 2003, Pereira Leite, Pedro do Nascimento Cabral, Ricardo do Nascimento Cabral & Associados - Law Firm, with office at Rua da Misericórdia, 42-2º, in Ponta Delgada.

Given the numerous professional commitments that the Law Firm, made with various clients, individuals and companies, operating in multiple areas - with particular emphasis on the banking, insurance, construction, metallurgical and hospitality sectors - there is a need to proceed with the reorganization of the Company, and then lawyer Nuno Goulart Almeida was invited to become partner.

From September 2006, the company was renamed LCCA - Pereira Leite, Pedro do Nascimento Cabral, Ricardo do Nascimento Cabral, Nuno Goulart Almeida & Associates - Law Firm, RL, and relocated to a large new building located in the center of Ponta Delgada, at Rua Manuel da Ponte, 29.

Since 2008, and as a result of legislative changes that gave lawyers competence to practice notary acts, the LCCA now has an area specifically dedicated to notary acts and registries.

Over the years, LCCA - Sociedade de Advogados, SPRL has significantly increased and sustained its activity, which has led to the collaboration of more associative lawyers, making possible an even faster and more efficient response in the different areas of law. LCCA has also received several young graduates, who here begin their professional internship in law and who, with the support of a Patron, have training in various areas of society.